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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these services be conducted remotely, or face to face?

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Yes, the entire process can be conducted virtually. If a PGx test is requested, a test kit can be mailed to you and sample collection can be done in the comfort of your home and mailed to the lab for processing 

How do I know if PGx test results are accurate?

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Dr. Ojageer only uses state-of-the-art PGx testing technology that is clinically validated and widely recognized for its accuracy. She carefully reviews and interprets the test results to ensure that they are accurate and meaningful for your medication therapy.

Will PGx testing actually work?

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Genetic testing is accurate and it's important to keep in mind that most tests strive for 100% accuracy. PGx testing is just one factor that healthcare providers may consider when making decisions about medication management. It provides significant insight in your unique gene composition.

How can PGx testing help me reduce medication costs?

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PGx testing can reduce medication costs and avoid unnecessary medications by providing insights into how your body metabolizes medications, allowing healthcare providers to adjust medication therapy accordingly. This can improve medication outcomes, save money, and reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions or interactions.

 I have my PGx test results ,now what ?

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You basically have a blueprint on how your medications will work. You can keep this information for LIFE! It provides personalized information that can be used in the future. This information can be used to adjust medication doses, select alternative medications, and monitor for potential drug interactions or adverse drug reactions.

Will my health information be protected?

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Absolutely, all of your information and interactions you have with Dr. Ojageer will be privacy protected, HIPPA Compliant and confidential. I will not share any information with anyone unless you give written authorization to release.

Can I get this test ordered from my doctor?

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Yes, you can! The only caveat to this is most physicians are not familiar with PGx and with their busy schedule, not many have time to analyze the data and come up with a care plan based on that info . Dr. Ojageer has extensive knowledge on PGx and with her pharmacy background she is well versed in understanding the mechanism of action and metabolism of medication 

How are you checking the validity of the test results?

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To ensure the validity of PGx tests, reputable sources such as Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) and PharmGKB provide up-to-date and evidence-based guidelines for the interpretation of genetic test results. These guidelines are based on the latest scientific research, expert consensus, and clinical experience.

I don't take many medications, how will PGx testing benefit me ?

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Even if you don't take many medications, PGx testing can provide valuable information about how your body processes medications, which can help you make more informed decisions about medication therapy in the future.

How will I explain my results to my doctor?

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Interpreting PGx results can be confusing, which is why Dr. Ojageer will thoroughly explain your results. If you prefer, she can send the information directly to your physician and discuss a care plan to ensure that you receive the appropriate medication regimen. 

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