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Dr. Ojageer’s goal is to support organizations and entities in the healthcare industry with utilization of precision medicine to improve medication management and patient outcomes. If you are interested in partnering or need additional information on services, please reach out.

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Providers / Partnership Opportunities

As a pharmacy consultant Dr. Ojageer offers a wide range of services to various healthcare organizations and entities. Some examples are:


Partner with physicians to implement systems that provide and interpret PGx test results, integrate PGx testing into clinical workflows, and provide personalized medication recommendations to patients based on their genetic profile.

Hospital Systems

Partner with hospital systems to integrate PGx testing  into clinical workflows, develop policies and procedures related to precision medicine and medication management, and provide education and training to staff members.


Partner with pharmacies to provide PGx testing services to customers, develop patient focused and revenue driven services, such as medication therapy management (MTM) programs and medication adherence programs and point of care testing (POCT) 


Collaborate with payors, such as managed care companies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), to develop reimbursement policies and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of precision medicine testing and services.

Long Term Care Facilities

Provide medication management consulting services to long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Special Projects

Partner with organizations on special projects related to precision medicine, research studies and pilot programs.

Editorial Contributions

Provide information as the subject matter expert on pharmacy, precision medicine and patient care 

Speaking Engagements

Speak at conferences and events on topics that impact  patient care and drive outcomes.


Partner with charities to provide services to underserved populations or to raise awareness about the importance of implementing patient care


Work with professional associations, such as the American Pharmacists Association or the National Community Pharmacists Association, American Medical Association to provide education and training to their members and to help them develop resources 
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Award Winning

PharmaSue In The Media

Pharama Sue has been mentioned in the media as an Award winning pharmacist click the images below to read the articles!

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